Monday, October 15, 2012

Brush Care 101

I hate cleaning make-up brushes.  Hate it!  It’s one of those tedious but necessary tasks, like doing laundry or making the bed, that I wish would just magically happen on its own.  Despite my distaste for the process, I can’t emphasize how important proper brush care is and I am psycho about keeping mine spotless!

Brushes are a huge monetary investment.  We need many different types and multiples of all of them.  It adds up, fast.  The only way to protect your investment is to properly care for them.  And properly caring for them also means properly caring for your client’s health.  Dirty brushes will transfer bacteria from one face to another.  This can lead to eye infections, skin irritations, breakouts and other horrible nasty things that I don’t want to even think about.

Here is exactly how I keep my make-up brushes clean and happy!