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Wedding Beauty Blunders: The Do's & Don'ts

Actor Dan Park & bride Charissa! - Make-up by Kat

It's wedding season!  There is a lot of freelance wedding work to be had and lots of brides to make beautiful this summer.  I personally take on a fairly limited number of weddings a year, as film & tv tends to keep me busy, but I've seen no shortage of beauty hiccups that can easily be avoided by the bride and her wedding party. 

As an example, the last three weddings I did this summer had panicked brides calling me a week before the date to report beauty blunders from eyebrow waxing burns, allergic reactions to new products, and sunburns of epic proportions!  Two weekends ago I was fixing chest and shoulder tan lines on half of the wedding party.

It's beyond easy to avoid these mistakes by following some simple wedding DO's & DON'Ts in the weeks leading up to the big day.  Make-up artists, give this page link to your brides or share this info at the make-up trial.  Bride's, pay close attention to these tips so you can look your absolute best on your wedding day!

Let's begin with what you should DO!

DO... a make-up trial! It's an added expense but it ensures you're getting what you want for your wedding day.  A trial also allows you to see and feel how the make-up will wear throughout the day.  Book the make-up trial on the day of a special event, like your wedding shower or a party, to get more bang for your buck!

DO... report any and all allergies or skin concerns to your make-up artist! Even if you're unsure it will effect the make-up.  Common allergies include latex (in most make-up sponges & eyelash glue), nuts (nut oils are in a lot of skincare), gluten (severe celiac disease will need gluten free products, especially near mucus membranes), and more.  I have a regular client with an allergy to aloe, which means everything from my hand sanitizer to my make-up remover has to be different for him.

DO... skip a month!  TMI, but I'm talking about your period.  If you're on birthcontrol and the wedding date falls around the time of your sugar pills, skip the month by starting a new pack immediately.  You're free from Mother Nature's "gift" for the wedding and honeymoon, and you will also be free from all the not-so-wonderful symptoms (bloating, blemishes, cramping, etc).

DO... get lots of rest and stay hydrated!  This helps ward off dark undereye circles and dry skin.  Plus it just generally keeps you happy and healthy for the big day!  So skip the 2am jello shots the night before your wedding, you'll be thankful when you're up at 7am in wedding panic mode.

DO... moisturize and exfoliate your face and body! I always ask my brides to be fresh faced & moisturized the day of their wedding, and gently exfoliate either the night before or morning of.  As a general good practice, every gal should moisturize daily and exfoliate once a week, to maintain a healthy glowing complexion.  Don't neglect your body either!  Pay attention to dry patches like backs of arms, elbows and knees.

DO... think about skipping SPF and mineral make-up on your wedding day!  Physical sunscreen and mineral make-up ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, can flash back with flash photography, as their main purpose is to reflect light.  This can make your face look pale or sweaty versus the rest of your body.  I don't want to promote chemical sunscreens over physical ones, as they can contain all sorts of nasty ingredients, but I've found some chemical sunscreens to have less risk of flash back and less shine.  If your wedding is indoors, you can skip the SPF that day just to be safe.  If your wedding is outdoors during the daytime, flash photography likely won't be an issue until nightfall, so don't stress it!  This is only an FYI, not an absolute, as some SPF & mineral products photograph better than others.  If you need or want to wear sun protection or exclusively mineral make-up, test it by simply taking a flash photo of yourself to see!  And don't pull a Nicole Kidman by overdoing the silica powder like MAKE UP FOR EVER's HD Powder, which can also show up in flash photography if overdone.  Applied minimally only to areas needed (and not packed under your eyes, Nicole!), it will be flawless! 

Goregous bride Karen! - Make-up by Kat

Now on to the DON'Ts, pay extra attention to these tips!

DON'T... wax or laser within 5 days of your wedding!  Make-up doesn't adhere to freshly waxed skin, believe me, I've had entire wedding parties wax the day of, despite my warnings!  Those 5 or more days also allows your skin to heal if anything should go wrong.  It's very easy to overheat wax and burn a client, or react negatively to things like laser hair removal.  I've seen skin ripped off, swollen eyes, and scabs, all from bad wax jobs.  So book your wax a week before the wedding and allow your make-up artist to tweeze any hairs that may have popped up.

DON'T... get a sunburn!  Seems like common sense, right?  But it never fails, every summer I'm fixing burns on actors and bridal parties.  If you want a little colour for your wedding day, do it gradually and safely. Always wear an SPF when sunbathing, even if it's a low number like 15, you'll still get a gradual tan.  Reapply throughout the day and after sweating or swimming.  Watch your tanlines too!  Or opt for a spray tan so you don't have to risk your skin health in the sun or a tanning bed.  Be sure to test out the spray tan well in advance to make sure you're happy with the application, chosen colour and how it wears.  Just remember, we can fix colour but we can't fix peeling or painful skin.  Don't risk being a peeling mess on your wedding day, practice safe sun!

DON'T... experiment with new products!  Or at least don't experiment within a couple weeks of your wedding.  You don't know how your skin will react, and dealing with blemishes, rashes, allergic reactions and so on, is not what you want leading up to your wedding day.  Stick with what you know works, and splurge on new products as a post wedding treat to yourself!

DON'T... visit the spa right before your wedding!  This goes hand in hand with the previous tip.  Save the spa trip for your honeymoon, or book it well in advance of your wedding.  But don't do it within a couple weeks of your wedding.  Facials are designed to cleanse and draw out impurities, which can and often do result in blemishes.  Medispa treatments such as injectables, chemical peels and laser treatments often come with downtime, redness, peeling or swelling.  And there's always risk of allergic reactions and sensitivities.  Don't risk it, you have a wedding to look fabulous for!

DON'T... panic!  Your wedding will be awesome, especially if you've booked a great make-up artist to take care of you (like me!).

Following these simple DO's & DON'Ts will prevent most wedding day beauty blunders.  Remember, it may seem like make-up artists can work some serious magic, but if you're a burnt, peeling, broken out, swollen eyed mess with freshly waxed brow & 'stach, we can only do our best.  The rest is up to you.  Accidents do happen, so keep in contact with your wedding artist leading up to the day, to report any issues so that we can be prepared, schedule in more time on the day to deal with the issue, or give you advice on how to minimize it.

Stay beautiful and be fabulous on your wedding day!

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