Saturday, July 21, 2012

Urban Decay Pro Discount Program!

Urban Decay officially launched their discount program for professional make-up artists this week.  Artists can finally enjoy a 40% discount on many of their products (excluding sale items and gift sets).  They're also doing a compensation program for crediting Urban Decay make-up in magazine editorials, and rumor has it pro exclusive products are in the works!  All with no membership fee!

The down side?  It's only available to US residents.  They claim they "would love to expand someday", but "someday" doesn't instill a whole lot of confidence that this will happen sooner than later.

Regardless, US make-up artists get your beautiful butts over to Urban Decay PRO to register for the pro program.  May I recommend the Primer Potion, it's one of my holy grails of make-up!  My Canadian self will be quietly crying in a corner, knowing that I have to continue to pay full price.

And of course, I've updated the Pro Discount List to include UD.

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  1. I'm sick about this really. I kind of think I will stop stocking my kit with UD and switch to MAC. It's ridiculous and unfair completely!