Saturday, June 2, 2012

An Introduction of Sorts...

So how does one begin a new blog?  I thought I'd just launch into it, but then again maybe you would all benefit from an introduction.  Who the hell am I?  Why am I blogging? Do I really have anything to say?  Where's my lipgloss? Do vampires really exist?

Wait.  What?

This really isn't new to me.  Born in the 80's, I was a 90's tween and lived on the Internet.  I Livejournaled, I MySpaced, I ICQed, I MSNed, I chatroomed, I HTMLed, I always had something to say and made websites galore to say it on (some still exist, please don't go looking for them).  I was a make-up loving, vampire obsessed, goth gal and made my presence known where ever I virtually could.

I'm almost 29 and a lot has changed.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still a strange gal with a penchant for vampire books and black hair dye.  But now I own a house and a business, I have a BA in psychology, I'm engaged, I have a cat-child, I'm an aunt, with a veggie garden, bills and responsibilities.  Holy shit, I think I'm officially an adult.

Regardless, I have a pretty rad life.  Much cooler than when I was a teen, and I never shut up (online) then.  So logic would dictate that I should have way more to say now.  And that is, in a nut shell, why I'm going to blog.  I can't always say all I want to in a Tweet or a Facebook status update.

But a word of warning, this will predominantly be a make-up blog.  Oh no! Another make-up blogger!  Oh yes.  I'm a freelance make-up artist working in the film & television industry in the Toronto area.  It's kind of my life. 

I'm not going to post swatches of MAC's latest limited edition line.  I'm not going to do tutorials on what make-up I wore last night.  I'm not obsessed with what lipgloss what celebrity is wearing right this second.  I will however talk about my life in the film & TV world.  It's a crazy world.  I'll talk about horror and spfx, beauty and skincare.  My love for vampires might even creep in occasionally.  I want this to be a blog that anyone can enjoy, make-up artist, beauty enthusiast, horror fan, film junkie, anyone! 

It's a strange dichotomy, I know.  What can I say?  That's me.

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